The bridge between web2 and web3
A web3 experience using web2 familiarity for mass accessibility to all your customers.
Web3 wallets not required
Connect web3 to existing technology your customers already use for easy adoption of your web3 programs.
Mass Accessibility
Users can now hold your web3 digital assets on any Apple or Google device.
Universal Accessibility
Utility of web3 available to anyone with an Apple or Android device
Anyone with an Apple or Android device can use and benefit from web3 technology.
Easy to Use
Management Platform
No mobile app required, integrate with your existing apps, view analytics.
Multi-chain support
The MozWallet is completely supported on all popular blockchains.
No App Required
Native wallet and pwa experience means no mobile app is needed.
Easy Integration
Powerful APIs make for easy integrations with your existing system.
Analytics and Insight
Activity, usage, and behavioral insights in real-time.