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Web3 API
Create your blockchain apps on the award winning and best performing web3 development platform.
You can’t beat Ultranode, the fastest and best performing Web3 API in the world
Tyreek Hill
The Fastest Web3 API
Ultranode is up to 4x faster than competitors.
Highly Reliable
Redundant and heterogeneous systems ensure 24/7 app availability.
Infinite Scale
Ultranode is created on elastic architecture to ensure your app scales to meet any demand.
Real-time Analytics
Monitor performance and view usage insights as it happens.
Power your apps with Ultranode
The best performing Web3 engine, scalable infrastructure and powerful features make it easy to build and grow.
Developer Superpowers
Complete Developer Toolkit
The world’s leading web3 developer platform
Monitor your dApps performance, health, and behavior to identify issues before they happen and patterns of growth.
Get notifications or send them to your users in real-time for popular blockchain events like dropped transactions or when there is activity for an NFT collection and much more using our blockchain data streams via webhooks.
Mined Transactions
Get notified when your app’s transactions are mined
Dropped Transactions
Get notified when your app’s transactions are dropped
NFT Activity
Get notified of NFT activity
Collection Activity
Get notified of NFT collection activity
Address Activity by Owner
Get notified of NFT activity by owner
Debug API
A suite of API methods to make transaction tracing fast and easy.
Archive nodes
Get past that last 128 blocks with free and fast access to archive data.
Grow Faster. Spend less.
Intelligent products, scalable infrastructure, and powerful tools to empower your Web3 journey.
Up to 4x faster
4x faster response times than the competition.
Ultimate savings
Develop more in less and save an average 50% engineering costs
Read the docs
View our developer documentation and start imagining all the possibilities.