The world is yours for the making
We’ve reengineered the way people play, work, learn, create and connect.
Connecting People Around the World
Providing immersive experiences to everyone, everywhere, on any device is at the core of our technology.
We don’t make Mozverse. You do.
Mozverse creates the platform and tools that empower anyone to build their own virtual worlds and immersive experiences.
Ready made worlds
Choose prebuilt world made by our global community of creators.
Live Editor
Evolve your world anytime you want in real-time.
Upload custom 3D objects or worlds
Import worlds or 3D items from other projects.
Thousands of items and sounds
Tap into a marketplace powered by thousands of creators.
Interactive Elements
Elevate your immersive experiences with interactive components.
Any atmosphere you can imagine
Choose your atmosphere and have it change by time of day.
A lively virtual creator community
Mozverse enables creators and users to connect, transact, and power the meta-economy.
Play, Work, Learn, Connect, and Create
Explore immersive experiences doing the things you enjoy through communities you love.
In the metaverse, users can participate in games, sports, and other forms of entertainment.
Some users may use the metaverse for work-related activities, such as virtual meetings or remote collaboration.
The metaverse can be a platform for education and learning, with virtual classrooms and online courses available.
The metaverse allows users to connect with each other from anywhere in the world, fostering a sense of community and connection.
Find worlds dedicated to your favorite experiences
Connect with your favorite brands, communities and influencers.
New Experiences Coming Soon
Rooted in Safety, Inclusivity, and Equality.
We believe everyone deserves an environment that allows for every individual to express themselves, explore new experiences, and connect with others on the basis of inclusivity, equality and safety for all.
Safe spaces
Keep users out of your personal space.
Block lists
Block unwanted users, voice, or text chat.
Community moderation
Report abusive behavior.