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Our values
We believe that web3 should be fully transparent and open to everyone. Recent high-profile failures in the crypto industry have demonstrated the dangers of small, centralized groups operating in secrecy. While incumbent players with deep pockets try to replicate the walled-garden approach of web2 in web3, we believe that web3 requires a more level playing field.
What we do
We provide the tools that businesses need to deploy web3 products and services to their own target market.
Who we serve
We do not limit ourselves to a specific size of organization. Our target firms could be startups or Fortune 500 companies. What connects them is a desire to solve problems such as how to build products and engage customers in the meta-economy, or how to adapt their existing business to web3.
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CEO & Partner
Danny Mozlin
Technology entrepreneur with years of experience in augmented reality, virtual reality, blockchain development, artificial
Zach Hirsch
Is a rising social influencer, podcaster, and entrepreneur who recently has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and Yahoo Finance
Denis A.
Alex Z.
VP of Engineering
Ruslan P.
Virtual World Engineer
Nik T.
Product manager
Tuan L.
CEO & Partner
Vova S.
Frontend developer
Mikhail S.
Head of Design
Aleksei N.
Dmitriy K.
Backend developer
Ruslan A.
Backend developer
Danylo H.
Backend developer