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a presence, create digital asset marketplaces,
and launch virtual worlds in Web3.
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Metaverses making news
Ultimately the real value of both NFTs and the Metaverse will be realized when the two converge to make our daily experiences better.
— Danny Mozlin, CEO Mozverse
$41 billion was spent on NFT marketplaces
Mozverse releases meta 3D NFT marketplace
A quarter of all consumers use the metaverse daily
Developing the metaverse of the future today
Mozverse has created five products that pave your path to the emerging  
metaverse. All the essential tools to develop and deploy digital asset  
marketplaces, smart contracts, and virtual worlds.
Mozverse Platform
Your business in the metaverse.
NFT Marketplace
Platform to mint and sell NFTs.
NFT Generation Kit
Create NFT collections.
DIY Smart Contracts
No-code smart contracts.
Mozverse API
Build your own NFT apps.
Our products
Mozverse is a web3 company that makes it easy to start your own NFT marketplaces, build NFT apps, virtualize your business in the metaverse, create your own secure smart contracts, and more.
NFT Marketplace
NFT platform powered by multiple blockchains that makes it easy for your business to mint and sell digital assets in Web3.
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Mozverse API
Build your own NFT and blockchain apps using our Web2 to Web3 APIs.
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NFT Generation Kit
Create an NFT collection in second with no coding required.
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Mozverse platform
Create scalable virtual worlds encompassed in your brand. Let your consumer’s transact, socialize, game, and wear your digital gear in the Metaverse.
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DIY Smart Contracts
No code required to build advanced smart contracts simply. Start a DAO, build a DeFi app, or automate complex legal agreements with our patented DIY smart contract tools.
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"I have been in the NFT space from the beginning. I dropped our first NFT a year ago, I've looked at every NFT marketplace out there and none was as intuitive or had as many features as Mozverse. "
Danny Cotton
- Chief Operating Officer @ Worldstar
Mozverse guides your Web3 journey
Our consultants will advise you on how to best position your company for success in the emerging Meta Economy.
Get ready for the Metaverse.
Mozverse empowers your business to create a highly immersive virtual world in the Metaverse and NFT Platforms that provide your customers with the digital goods, services and experiences required in the new Web 3 Economy where meeting, working, shopping and socializing virtually ard not only possible but necessary.
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