Mint and Sell NFTs
The NFT commerce platform leading brands trust.
It's easier than ever
to transact on Web3
NFT commerce platform powered by multiple blockchains that  
makes it easy for your business to create and sell digital assets.
Create NFTs
Launch advanced NFT collections with a few taps, setup royalty payment distribution and licensing, generate unlockable content, and mint gas free.
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Sell NFTs
Distribute 1 of 1's or a 10,000+ generative collection, create timed or fixed auctions, and collect royalties on your digital assets for eternity.
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Administration tools
Moderate the marketplace to protect your brand. Hide inappropriate NFT collections, block unwanted users, verify your creators, and manage service fees.
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Create NFTs.
Sell in the Metaverse.
Mozverse provides all the essential tools to develop and deploy digital asset marketplaces, smart contracts, and virtual worlds.
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